Unihoc rules:

(Unofficial version)


Game: the game is played with plastic sticks, shorter than in ice-hockey, and with a plastic, very light ball, little bit larger than a tennis ball, at an indoor pitch as volleyball or basketball pitch. Players don’t use any other equipment like roller skaters. There are two goals that are smaller than in ice-hockey. (In the "real" game the size of a Unihoc goal and an ice-hockey goal is nearly similar.)

Teams: the playing members of a team on a pitch consist of around three, four or five, players. The minimum number of players is three. No goalkeepers exist. (In the "real" game there is a goalkeeper in addition to five players. A goalkeeper does not have the stick.)

Face-Off: at the beginning of each half, as well as after each goal. The team which has lost a goal passes the ball backwards. The ball is in the game as soon as it leaves the stick of the passing player. (In the "real" game face-off is similar to ice-hockey, except the ball is already on the pitch between the blades of two face-off players, and face-off is executed after the referee's whistle). Before face-off, all players must be on their own sides of the mid-line, and only the passing player is allowed inside the circle at the centre of that line. At the beginning of the game, one team will have possession; the other gets possession at the beginning of the second half.

Out-of-Bounds: there is no out-of-bounds unless the ball rolls somewhere completely inaccessible. Just continue to play! :-)

Penalties: There are three types of penalties; Free Stroke, Penalty Shot and Send Off.  However, at NCTU we haven’t implemented those rules yet. Try to be kind, and there will be no penalties...

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